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Here you may find reports and publications relevant to the domain of education. If there is a publication you want to add in this segment of the site, please contact us.


Educational Research Association of Serbia is a voluntary, non-profit association. The objective of the Association is to bring together researchers in the field of education in Serbia and to encourage successful research cooperation within the field. The Association will also actively work in connecting members of the Association with international organizations in the field of education, and to promote cooperation of researchers from Serbia with colleagues in other European countries. Finally, one of Association’s objectives is to connect researchers in the field of education in Serbia with policy-makers and thus contribute to effective decision making in the field. If you are a employed in a research institution, whose activity (or one of the activities) is to perform research in the field of education; you are employed in a scientific and educational institution , are enrolled in master or doctoral program in the field of education ... Join us !