About us

Educational Research Association of Serbia is a voluntary, non-profit association. The basic objective of the Company is to bring together researchers in the field of education in Serbia and to encourage successful research cooperation within this field. The Association will also actively work to connect members of the Society with international organizations in the field of education, and to promote the work and cooperation of researchers from Serbia with colleagues in the field of education in European and international circles. Finally, the goal of the Association is to actively connect researchers in the field of education in Serbia with policymakers and to contribute to more effective decision making.

President of the Association: Dragica Pavlović- Babić

Steering committee: Dijana Plut, Jasminka Čekić-Marković, Dragica Pavlović-Babić , Jasmina Šefer, Jelena Radišić

Supervisory Board: Gordana Čapric, Dejan Stanković , Milan B. Vođević

Secretary of the Association: Olja Jovanović and Jelena Radišić