What do we do?

The Association implements research activities in the field of education and participates in interdisciplinary research projects in the country and abroad. The Association will also actively work on connecting and activating cooperation between researchers in the field of education, and the research community and education policy makers.

Within the activities of the Association are also: monitoring and evaluation of the situation in the field of education, providing opinions in relation to the education system, as well as submission of initiatives and proposals to competent and interested stakeholders.

Following, the Association organizes national and international conferences, round-tables, symposia, workshops and trainings. These activities are conducted independently or in cooperation with other organizations in the field.

The Association will actively work on the development of international cooperation and the exchange of ideas, including a formal cooperation with international organizations of a similar nature. In this regard, the Association will actively cooperate with the public, government, private institutions and agencies, and other organizations in the field of research and education, contributing to the presentation and promotion of research in the field of education. One of the major activities of the Association is also to contribute to the promotion of young researchers in the field of education.